Ming Sun

The Ming Sun Benevolent Society (民星總社) was originally called the Ming Sun Reading Room.

It is the clan association for the Wong 黃 family clan, who originated from Hoiping (Kaiping) 開平 county, Guangdong province, China. At the turn of the last century, there were three Wong clan associations in Vancouver. Approximately 40 years ago, two of the Wong associations merged and formed the Wong’s Benevolent Society of Vancouver.

Founded in 1925, the Ming Sun and similar organizations provided a place where ideas could be shared and discussed. The words “Ming Sun (民星)”, means “People’s Star“. It probably alluded to the idea of a News organization – not unlike, the Vancouver Sun, the Toronto Star, or the Observer. An appropriate name for a news and reading room society.

Omni TV aired a history of Ming Sun Benevolent Society… the meaning of its name; the people it served; its role in helping fund the overthrow of the Qing, the last imperial dynasty in China, and helping Dr Sun Yat-sen (revolutionary) efforts in Vancouver.  http://www.omnitv.ca/bc/yue-can/videos/3019229590001/


by OMNI News, in English and in Cantonese
Ming Sun Building History – Dec 30, 2013 (BC).

Ming Sun descendant, Dee Hoy has posted the Ming Sun’s 85th anniversary slide show for all to view:

From Dan Seto’s Chinese Canadian Historical Stories. Dan writes:

Stop Demolition Of Chinese Clan Building (Ming Sun Building) Fong Leun Tong

Ming Sun Building is one of the oldest buildings in Vancouver. The Ming Sun Benevolent Society provides cheap housing for those in need. Right now, they are trying to stop the City from demolishing their building. Our society, the Fong Leun Tong Society used to have a building which provided cheap housing for Seto Clan members. That building at 718 East Pender Street has been sold several years ago. We cannot provide cheap housing for Clan members like we used to do.



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