Visit Us at the Powell Street Festival!

IMG_20140802_140919Come by 439 Powell during the Powell Street Festival!  We’ve set up a small sidewalk Reading Room to celebrate the Ming Sun and Longshoreman’s Union Reading Room that used to be in the Building.



Ming Sun–Uchida Building Update

It’s been a busy couple of days, but please join us for this community meeting and update

Wednesday, 16 July 2014 at 7 PM
Strathcona Community Centre
601 Keefer St
2nd floor, Breakfast Room

Tea and snack provided

We have been defending 439 Powell Street from official errors and arsonists since December, 2013.

Please join us for an update on the background, proposed development, and continuing campaign to save this historically important building and the social housing it encompasses.

Sponsored by the Friends of 439, who acknowledge that these events are occurring on unceded Coast Salish land.

Stronger Together


February 2, 2014

Ming Sun Community Photo - February 2, 2014

THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!! An amazing turnout for today’s community photograph…the official final photograph is soon to come, but, for everyone who attended, please feel free to share your images.  A very special thanks to our great photographers and helpers from the Friends of 439 Powell and Instant Coffee Artist Collective. We would also like to thank all our supporters (and donors) throughout Vancouver and beyond.

For our Twitter followers, please use the hashtags #mingsun #Uchida, #Powell Street, and @439Powell. Thanks!!!! 謝謝! 多謝!


It is easy to bend or break one chopstick,
It is difficult to break or bend a bundle of chopsticks.

Towards the Brighter Future

IMG_0594 IMG_0596 IMG_0600 IMG_0602 IMG_0604 IMG_0612 IMG_0623 IMG_0624IMG_0572IMG_0575IMG_0578IMG_0585IMG_0610IMG_0592 IMG_0598 IMG_0607IMG_0615 IMG_0619 IMG_0627

These are some images from this morning’s community photo event and of our incredible band of volunteers and artists who made it happen.

Tenants from Ming Sun’s Past: the Bak Mei 白眉 Kung Fu Association

From Fred Herzog’s fortuitous shot of a baby blue Ming Sun building, here are some fabulous photos of the Bak Mei Kung Fu Association who were the tenants in the Ming Sun Building/439 Powell in the early 1970s. The photos include a number of interior and exterior photos of 437/439 Powell.The Association is still in Vancouver’s Chinatown AND on the web.  For more information on the Bak Mei Kung Fu Association in 2014, please click here:

For a look at the full set of photos and captions, they can be found here.

Special thanks to Michael Chu and Michael Wong from the Bak Mei Kung Fu Association for sharing these wonderful historic photos!

439 Powell in Fred Herzog’s 1973 Orange Cars Powell


Just found!  The Ming Sun Building (in blue) from Fred Herzog’s 1973 Orange Cars. Serendipitously, Fred made a visit to 439 Powell late last year.

This photo is reproduced on this blog through the generosity (and permission) of Fred Herzog and the Equinox Gallery. We still looking for historic photos of the Ming Sun Building, please feel free to contact us and we would like to share them with everyone who would like to restore 439 Powell.

While we still have not figured out a way (yet) to individually thank all our community donors, we’d like to thank you here again as your donation goes into the campaign to restore 439 Powell.