UPDATE: Apparently, the reported presence of 6 fire trucks, a HazMat truck, and a mobile command centre was in support of an unannounced City of Vancouver inspection of 436 Powell St. The City did not notify the Society of its inspection until our local Downtown Eastside neighbors alerted the Society.

Despite several independent structural reports that state the Ming Sun Building is structurally sound, City staff at Ming Sun declare the building under threat of “imminent collapse,”  have shut down street and barricaded the property – preparing the site for DEMOLITION!  Heritage experts, engineers and community say building is safe, have been guarding the property nightly and have been working daily to secure the building from vandals.

Where:  Ming Sun Society Building, 439 Powell Street

When:  Immediately!  Friday December 20th 11:30am

What:  Threat to heritage building, loss of 8 units of low-income housing, and artist space


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