Media Release – Ming Sun Benevolent Society Calls Flooding Suspicious

December 11, 2013
For immediate release

Ming Sun Benevolent Society Calls Flooding Suspicious
Trusts that Police Will Continue Investigations

The Ming Sun Benevolent Society is calling the flooding of 439 Powell Street suspicious.

Earlier on December 10, the city of Vancouver set up scaffolding at 439 Powell Street in preparation for the removal of bricks from the west wall. That evening, Ken Wong of the Society, informed that the building was flooded with water from within.

David Wong, spokesperson for the Ming Sun Benevolent Society (MSBS) says: “This is very suspicious as we had turned off the water supply. In fact when we escorted media and concerned individuals through our building over the past weeks to view the smashed sinks, broken hot water tanks, and overturned toilets… these fixtures had no water coming out of the supply pipes because all water had been shut off. Our sprinklers had also been drained this past fall “.

The MSBS has contacted the Vancouver Police Department, requesting that they maintain their ongoing investigations into the vandalism and background series of events that precipitated this crisis.




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